How to cancel a product or service on the Customer Portal

This article describes how to cancel a product or service for your account using the A2 Hosting Customer Portal.

Cancelling a product or service

You can cancel a product or service associated with your account at any time. Before you submit a cancellation request, please review our billing policy.

To cancel a product or service, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
    If you do not know how to log in to the Customer Portal, please see this article.
  2. On the menu bar, click Services and then click MY SERVICES:

    Customer Portal - Services - My Services menu

  3. Under My Products & Services, locate the product or service you want to cancel, and then click Manage:

    Customer Portal - My Products and Services

  4. In the left sidebar, under Actions, click Request Cancellation:

    Customer Portal - Actions - Request Cancellation

  5. In the text box, type a brief reason why you want to cancel the product or service.
  6. In the Cancellation Type list box, select whether you want the cancellation to be immediate, or occur at the end of the billing period.
  7. Click Request Cancellation.

After cancellation

A2 Hosting does not retain any data after you cancel a product or service. Make sure you back up any data that you want to save before cancellation.

Also, if you cancel a hosting account that uses A2 Hosting for DNS, please note that you must update the DNS name server entries (and any additional custom DNS records you may have created).

A few words about cancellation

We value you as a customer!

Technical issues

If you are considering cancellation because of technical issues, we highly recommend that you open a ticket with the A2 Hosting Guru Crew before you submit a cancellation request. Our experienced support personnel can often provide a solution or suggest an alternative approach to any technical problem you may encounter. If you are dissatisfied with a response provided by technical support, please request an escalation, and we will double-check its accuracy.

Non-technical issues

If you are dissatisfied with any non-technical aspects of our services, we recommend that you contact Sales before you submit a cancellation request. We will do our best to address your concerns.


If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions that you would like to send directly to management, please use the Suggestion Box in the Customer Portal. (Please note that we cannot address technical issues that are submitted through the Suggestion Box.)

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